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Financial Education for Children


student-loan-forgiveness-act-2012-2Imagine desperately needing money to construct your home, pay for your childs college fees, acquire household. Read More….

Financial Records

spending_moneyFor one to be financially healthy, it is important to keep financial records. This enables you to monitor. Read More….


earnings-estimatesLearning about the importance of how to manage your money effectively, begins with first having a form of earnings. Read More….


budgetingManaging and protecting the money you have worked so hard to earn, must be one of your major priorities. Read More….


BA_NYSE_Boeing-Earnings-Assessment-640x360All of us desire a secure and comfortable future for ourselves and our families. However, every day we . Read More….


Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism; it is a measure taken to protect oneself against total loss in the event of  Read More….


savings1Saving means putting money aside from what you earn today for future use. It is like a maize farmer Read More…


investingInvesting involves using your money to buy financial assets such as shares, unit trusts, treasury bills or bonds Read More…

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