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Know More About Earnings

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Financial Education for Children


loansImagine desperately needing money to construct your home, pay for your child’s college fees, acquire household Read More….

Financial Records

financial recordFor one to be financially healthy, it is important to keep financial records. This enables you to monitor Read More….


IMG_1055_2Learning about the importance of how to manage your money effectively, begins with first having a form of earnings. Read More….


fplanningManaging and protecting the money you have worked so hard to earn, must be one of your major priorities. Read More….


IMG_1166_2All of us desire a secure and comfortable future for ourselves and our families. However, every day we . Read More….


insuranceInsurance is a risk transfer mechanism; it is a measure taken to protect oneself against total loss in the event of  Read More….


savings1Saving means putting money aside from what you earn today for future use. It is like a maize farmer Read More…


investingInvesting involves using your money to buy financial assets such as shares, unit trusts, reasury bills or bonds Read More…

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